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ODC Nimbus
ODC Nimbus Mastering Machine
for all formats : CD , DVD, HD, BD

Tungsten Boat
Dimension:100 mm X 14 mm X 0.5 mm
               49 mm X 13 mm X 0.14 mm

Polishing Pads
Available in different grid P360, P400, P600, P800, P1200 etc
Sizes In 55mm, 75mm and 80mm

Sibert Backing Pad
Silicon Carbide for MBF 150

Used in Toolex P250

Used in Toolex P250

Stamper coating Lacquer
Ercopel / Aquapel – 1 drum of 5 kg
Demark – 1 drum of 5 kg
Used for coating stamper (Water based and non-water based0

Nitto Tape
165 mm X 100 meters
Blue Tape for stamper coating

Anode Bags
Available for different machines

Glass Master Substrates

Machine name:
AMS-ODME, Pioneer, Sony-Slim, Panasonic, Sony-Pops, Nimbus, ODME ODC, OMP, Nimbus Pi

160+0.05, 180+0.05, 200±0.05, 239.9±0.03, 240-0.03.

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