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CDR Dye and DVDR Dye
CDR – 52X Sky Dye
DVDR – 2353 , 1861, 2211 Sky Dye

Gripper Fingers
Lube FS Grease
Bemcot M3 Wiper

N62 and P150 oil

CD Counter
A table-top counter used mainly in the recordable companies.
Easy to use by push of a button and mobility to be installed anywhere in the production facility
Applicable for CD / CD-R / DVD / DVD-R
Counting speed of less than 2 secs
Dimension : 240 cm (W) X 300 cm (D) X 450 cm (H)

High Vacuum grease
Diamond Polish
Grapphitte Paste

Purchase of polycarbonate waste

We supply various grade of polycarbonate
Virign material
Recycle (sprue grade)
Recycle (Non sprue grade)
We also re-process the polycarbonate waste into recycle material
Upon customers' request

Jewel box
Available for 5.2mm slim CD jewel case, standard CD jewel cae, DVD case, stamper box etc.

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